Empty V8 Stick

Empty V8 Stick

The USB stick is not empty on only appears that way and is a safety feature so that the software does not get deleted or overwritten.  Please follow the installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions for V8

1. Uninstall BERNINA Embroidery Software
2. Uninstall BERNINA Communications Service
3. If COREL in installed, uninstall it.
4. Locate the BERNINA and Corel folders on the C:\ drive and delete them (C:\Program Files(x86)
5. Reboot
6. Log on to Windows as ADMINISTRATOR
7. TURN OFF All firewalls and antivirus software running in Windows platform.
8.  Make sure that you have Internet Explorer 11 set as default for the activation process.
9. Install BERNINA V8 Software.  You can find it by going to This
    PC and looking for a CD drive with BERNINA in it.
10. Remove V8 USB stick before reboot, after reboot make sure that
      the antivirus software is still off.
11. Start V8 software and activate at this time you will be prompted
      to insert your old dongle.  There must be an active internet
      connection and may appear as “not responding” just wait as it can
      take 5-8 minutes depending on server traffic.

When activating the V8 software, you may get a “not responding” message, you must wait! It can take up to 8 minutes to activate the software. If you hit cancel or X out of the activation process, you will use an additional activation.
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    George Langley

    A CUSTOMER with a legit copy of v7 DesignerPlus had UPDATED to v8 DesignerPlus. It ran fine, then suddenly sge started getting a "HASP_ALREADY_BURNED" error and not launching. Both she and I have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times, as well as trying "unauthorize" and transfer the registration, with no luck and am now getting "clone" alerts.
    I just tried again with a NEW FULL version (ie completely new Product Key), and when we got to the Registration screen, her info was already filled in!?!? Where did this info come from?
    And again, error "Could not generate the license because: Container is clone detected."
    What did you do - block her entire computer?
    Is running Windows 10 on a Surface laptop.

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    Sue Haas

    Please submit a ticket thru the BERNINA Ticketing system and I will assist you.

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    George Langley

    Thanks Sue. You helped solved this - was the issue with a Windows 10 update causing the authorization to lock up.
    Is there a specific situation that caused this, ie a certain version or configuration of Windows 10, the customer's Surface, etc.? Am worried that there will be a lot more of these coming up if it affects everyone on Windows 10.
    And am still curious where the customer's info is stored that the Registration screen was still pre-filled.
    But again thanks - the customer is merrily working away on her machine again instead of mine!

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