Manual installation of Corel X6

You can manually install Corel X6 by doing the following: 

  1. Log onto pc as the Administrator
  2. Turn off ALL antivirus and Firewall Software
  3. Open the Corel folder that is on the V8 USB stick (Actually shows on a CD drive) or on the V7 CD.  Find the Setup Application and RIGHT click on it and select "Run as Administrator". 
  4. After the installation starts you will need to accept the terms (scroll all the way to the bottom and the Accept button becomes active).


NOTE*****If you get a screen that has choices, select REMOVE and also the user files, then start the process again and go to step 4.

5.  On the next screen Fill out your name and enter the serial number:


  1. Once the installation is complete start the V8 software and test Art Canvas.


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