B 880 ATTENTION! Before Updating with V37.22.40

Reason for this Information

Since the beginning of June 2017 new firmware has been available for the B 880.
If the update is made with the current version on a machine from the first few production series, this can lead to a "defect" in the machine.
This can only happen with machines that have never had a firmware update since delivery. Between these machines and today, there have been 4 updates within the last 3 years.


The first Bootloader Version (V02.00.12) is not compatible with the new version.
This causes corruption of the file system, and the machine will no longer start up.

Measures to be taken

1. Before the Update

Check the Bootloader Version for all B 880s - see picture below.
If the Version V02.00.12 is loaded, then please load Firmware V35.10.45 first - see Download Area below. After this the machine will be ready, and you can update to Version V37.22.40 free from worry.


2. In Case of Unsuccessful Update Attempt

In the even you get a black screen instead and the machine does not boot up take your machine to your local BERNINA Dealer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR this on your own as it can cause more harm to the machine.

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    I am 150 miles from my Service / Repair. I am afraid to do an update now.....How to be safe and sure??????
    Jerri Larsen

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