If machine screen froze after hoop calibration with V37.40.42

Reason for this information

It was encountered that the new Firmware Version has an issue when trying to calibrate a hoop. In this information we want to show the symptom, the workaround, and the future measure.

Affected machine models

  • B 880 PLUS
  • B 880
  • B 790 PLUS
  • B 790


Hoop calibration cannot be carried out after the machine was just started. When trying to calibrate the hoop, the machine locks up with a spinning hour glass on the screen

Suggested workaround

Press the ECO button and after pressing the ECO button again, stepping motors initialize. After this, the hoop calibration screen will show up and the hoop calibration process is now possible.

Cause and correction

The issue is confirmed as a bug in the firmware V37.40.42 and will be corrected in the next coming release.


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    I am 150 miles from my Service / Repair. I am afraid to do an update now.....How to be safe and sure??????
    Jerri Larsen

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