DesignWorks USB Key Upgrade Process

Please see the document below for the simple procedure to activate CutWork, PaintWork and/or CrystalWork functionality on your DesignWorks dongle.


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    Elizabeth Roxane Seaters

    After days of being unable get my Paintwork software working I am finally able to get to work! It only took seconds to OK the upgrade of my security dongle. I am truly relieved and happy.

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    Kelly Allen

    Elizabeth how did you do it? I updated but now my dongle is outdated.. i never did get a code card, just the S/N on the dongle.

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    Elizabeth Roxane Seaters

    Hello Kelly,

    Initially, when I had trouble getting my Designworks/ Paintworks/Cutworks installed it was due to Bernina's server in Greece not working.

    I tried to put in the new code from the envelope that Bernina gives you when you purchase individual parts (Cutwork, Paintwork or Crystalworks). Bernina must supply you with an update code in order to be able to install and use the Designwork Suite. The code card is like a small credit card with the code numbers and letters on the backside.

    I already owned the first cutwork software/dongle. I realized that was the dongle that I was to use to update any of the Designwork software. My dongle is metal. Apparently, there is a plastic dongle that does not work the same.

    I followed the USB Key Upgrade Process for Bernina Designworks Software Suite instructions and was successful.

    I hope this help you a bit. It has been very confusing. Also, go to Designworks Yahoo Group. They can be a wealth of information.


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    Katherine Derges

    I have Windows 8 and this does not work to add a segment of Designworks. Any other ideas on how I can add Cutworks? I have Crystalworks and Paintworks on but can't get Cutworks on. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall I have saved files already. Any help would be appreciated.


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