New Installation of DesignWorks Software

Installing BERNINA DesignWorks Software for the First Time


This article contains the latest BERNINA DesignWorks V7571 software package, consisting of CutWork, PaintWork and CrystalWork. It is Windows®10-compatible and includes a new aurora driver.
If you see a CBU Failure message when trying to open your software, you can often solve this by installing this latest V7571 version.


Requirements for installation:

  • Your computer runs on Windows® 10 version 1703 or newer
  • All applications are closed
  • You have Administrator rights for your computer
  • Disable your firewall, Windows Defender and any antivirus software that is running on the computer
  • Make sure the computer is on the internet, this is required for the initial activation of the dongle
  • Insert the dongle into a powered USB port on the computer itself (and not into a USB hub)

Installing the software:

  • Download DesignWorks V7571 from the link at the bottom of this article
  • Save it in your Downloads folder or on your desktop
  • Right-click the downloaded folder and select Extract All
  • Once the folder has been extracted, double-click on it to open it
  • Right-click on the .exe file and select Run As Administrator
  • Follow all prompts to ALLOW the software to install
  • When prompted, enter the 16-digit activation codes for each of the modules you purchased (CutWork, PaintWork and/or CrystalWork) (see image below) ONLY IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU ARE INSTALLING THE DESIGNWORKS SOFTWARE
  • Click Upgrade and you should receive a message that the key was successfully activated
  • Restart the computer with the dongle still plugged in
  • When the computer has completely booted back up again, you will be able to open the DesignWorks software


Downloads and other information:

DesignWorks Mastery Book

How to install activation/key codes


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  • Avatar
    Kay Ricks

    I purchased the DesignWorks Software and had it installed at a Bernina dealer in Springfield, MO. After the employee installed the software, she kept the code cards because she said that I would not need them anymore. Well, I am trying to open my software, and it will not open at all. Do I need to re-install the software? If so, how can I do that with the code #s?

    Kay Ricks

  • Avatar
    Barbara A Boka

    where the heck are the code cards.......none came and when the software opens it says dongle is from previous version........HELP

  • Avatar
    Lisa Klingbeil

    The access key codes are purchased from your Dealer and they unlock various modules of the DesignWorks software - CutWork, PaintWork and/or CrystalWork.

    The cards are a one-time use. They are installed either with the software or after the software, and they open a license on the dongle. The license information stays with the dongle, not the software installation on your computer. Therefore if you switch computers and re-install the software, the dongle will still enable your purchased modules to open. After the code is used successfully to update the dongle, the little code card is trash. Recycle it.

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