Formatting and Using a USB Stick for File Transfer

Formatting and Using a USB Stick for File Transfer

  • Insert the USB stick into the computer
  • Right-click on the drive letter associated with the USB stick, and select  Format
  • Set the File System type to FAT or FAT32
  • Click Start
  • After the USB stick has been cleanly formatted, open your BERNINA Embroidery Software
  • Open the desired embroidery design
  • Click the Write to Machine icon
  • Select the panel that is appropriate for your model (see image at the bottom of the article with descriptions)
  • You will receive a message indicating the write was successful

Please note:

  • Use the stick for file transfer only, not for file storage. It is not a safe method of storing your entire design library
  • The more information that is stored on your stick, the longer the machine takes to read it
  • USB sticks are subject to physical wear and tear, static electricity, and failure due to low quality components
  • Regretfully, we are unable to troubleshoot brands other than the BERNINA USB sticks
  • Recommended size is 2 GB or less for the 5 Series, 7 Series and 8 Series models
  • artista 200/730, Deco 340, and Chicago 7 models are notoriously fussy about USB stick size and type - these models prefer a stick no larger than 256 MB (the older BERNINA USB flip stick shown below is 256 MB)
  • If you prefer to use a non-BERNINA stick, we recommend you format the stick before use to the FAT32 file structure to remove any hidden files and folders


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    Nile Remsing

    Do you still have to do this or are sub sticks already formatted

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