bernette Chicago 7 Embroidery Information

Please remember the following when writing files to the USB stick for the Chicago 7 model:

  • Max. # of stitches per embroidery motif is 65,000
  • Max. design dimensions 110 mm x 170 mm (4.4" x 6.7")
  • Max. # of colors is 30
  • Max. size of USB stick is 2 GB
  • Stick should be USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 may cause an error message)
  • File name must not exceed 17 characters
  • Design name may ONLY contain the following characters: Upper and lower case alphabet letters, numbers, & _ . - ( )
  • Use BERNINA Embroidery Software (such as ArtLink) to write/convert files for this model and select Deco 340 as the device; this process will generate the correct files and write them to the proper directory on the USB stick

This helpful PDF document contains navigation tips and tricks, frequently asked questions, and information on how to transfer files to the Chicago 7 via USB stick.

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    There are limited instructions using the built in lettering/monogramming.
    I am able to use the built in lettering to make a word but I am unable to make a space between two words. Instruction manual is limited: page 100- Enter some letters e.g. abc, after editing, move the cursor to the icon on the right side in the middle of the display and press OK button to enter the editing display. Press the OK button to prepare embroidery, press the OK button to confirm and enter the embroidery display.
    I have done some research that some machines use the underscore or underline as space. When I type a word e.g. Will_Smith, the machine embroiders the underscore between the two words. How can I get the machine to "skip" the underscore and just leave the space.

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