Q 20/Q 24: Using Adhesives

When using batting that consists of fusible material, or when adhesives are used for fabric placement, these adhesives may build up in the hook area and on the needle. If this buildup occurs, the machine could generate sewing-related issues such as thread breakage, thread fraying and inconsistent tension. 

We recommend that the consumer clean the hook and the needle frequently, as well as use silicon thread lubrication for such fusible batting, fabric adhesives, and specialty threads.

Note: When using thread lubrication, the top tension generally has to be increased to compensate for less thread friction.


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    I do use adhesives when free motion quilting and sometimes my threads do as you describe, so thanks for the info. HOw do I use the silicon thread lubricant on the thread? Does the lubricant affect your fabric? Do I use the same lubricant for the needle? Is there an adhesive that you recommend? And a lubricant you recommend?

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