Windows 10 Software Compatibility

This is BERNINA International's current statement on Windows 10 software compatibility, located on our consumer web site:

CLICK HERE for Windows 10 Compatibility List

This chart is being actively updated by BERNINA International in Switzerland. 

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    mary rodriguez
    Can't get my software to open even on windows xp,what can I do also need update my information with new address & phone numb
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    instagram 11

    Thanks for information

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    Ej Johnston5

    What good is software that does not keep up with advancing technology? I now have 2 expensive Bernina programmes that will not work on my new computer according to the Bernina list. Is Bernina working on updating drivers or something to help out?

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    Rheda Lewis1951

    ME either................really getting frustrated and my dealer tells me to contact Bernina..........please, really.....600.00 $.......and I get no help.

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    For Art Design V1, I discovered that you can set the program to run in Windows 7 compatibly mode. I downloaded the driver for our Arora 440 QE machine (install with System Administrator) and my wife was back in business. My guess is that this will work for other software/machine configurations. Why is Bernina not helping with this?

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    Amy Poirier

    You cannot purchase a new computer without windows 10 these days. Why would you sell a product (Cutwork) that is not compatible with current technology without advanced warning from the distributer. I too, have spent over $500 for a product I cannot use. This is hard earned money. It is no joke in my book and irresponsible for a company who takes claims to take quality and customer service so seriously to simply ignore these concerns. Would this not be considered similar to a recall? Should we be refunded our money for misrepresentation? I had considered upgrading several machines and am now headed down to a new manufacturer for my long arm purchase. Customer service is everything.

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    Lisa Klingbeil

    Amy, there is a very simple solution for you, all you need to do is upgrade to DesignWorks. Download and install the V7570 version from the consumer web site, then purchase a CutWork update code card, retail price is about $75. The original CutWork software came out well before Windows 10 and is no longer being developed or updated, however the upgrade path is there if you choose to go that route.

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    Hanlie Potgieter

    I'm finished with Bernina!! How can I pay R20 000 for a program and 2 years later I cant use it ! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

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    After 12-18 months, I am still in the process of trying to find a workable solution for the DesignPlus VS 7 software. I have purchased 2 computers ($1000.00 and $1200.00) as well as Parallels and Window (to work on a Mac) I was told Windows 10 is a problem but also a screen that is HD. These purchases were made with input from two separate Bernina dealers, numerous computer specialist, and advise from berinina support and I still cannot get the software to work correctly. The icons are so minute that they are useless. Bernina has advised me there will be no patch or software updates for the VS 7 program only the new VS 8. So basically my software that was $1800.00, purchased a yr ago, is rendered useless. SERIOUSLY! All my purchases were made meeting all specs on the software box etc. Bernina is setting themselves up for a CLASS ACTION SUIT if you ask me. Count me in. Very deceptive practices. As previously stated, "this is extremely irresponsible for a company who takes claims to take quality and customer service so seriously to simply ignore these concerns. Would this not be considered similar to a recall? Should we be refunded our money for misrepresentation" or have our software replaced with VS 8 Free of charge? Im sure the dealer laughed as they sold me this worthless product knowing full well it was worthless, or are the dealers being taken for a ride too. I never would have purchased this software or any other Bernina products had I known.

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    I am very dissatisfied with Bernina too! I purchased the Cutwork software last year for the amount of $500.00 Only to find out now I have to purchase a card for $75.00 in order to be able to use my Cutwork program in my Windows 10. As I said in another complaint, I will never buy another You would think after the consumers have invested hard earned money for their software, they would at least have a patch or upgrade for us to download Free to make Cutwork Software to work on Windows 10. Having said that, I will never purchase another sewing/embroidery machine or any machine or products from Bernina, again!
    And will be sure to warn all my sewing/quilting friends about the service we do not get from Bernina Products. JG

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    I just bought a new computer with Windows 10 and definitely had trouble when I went to install V8 – it didn’t install or even show up on the USB stick; and the web site wasn’t much help either.
    However, I submitted a support ticket and was extremely impressed that I had a response about an hour later (on a Friday night). The response was thorough and accurate – with windows 10 the USB stick also shows up as a CD drive instead of the E: drive or external memory. They also even showed me how to transfer my license from my old computer to my new one without using up another activation.
    The V8 is a great improvement over V7 and is much more user friendly and most of the bugs are gone and the documentation better matches the software.
    Again, thank you Bernina for the speedy response and great customer support.

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    Rheda Lewis1951

    it cost me almost 2000.00 to get and the upgrade.....I had a lot of trouble getting it to work, but finally got, and yes I have to transfer design using usb stick...don't like it, but i'll live with it. I want upgrade, just keep this v8 forever.

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