ArtLink 7: File Transfer

To transfer embroidery designs to a machine, we highly recommend our free ArtLink 8 software program:

Please carefully read the ArtLink 8 Basics eBook as this will tell you how to use this simple software, as well as how to properly send designs to your model:

We recommend a maximum size USB stick of 2 GB, and that the stick be freshly formatted to the FAT32 file structure. This Knowledge Base article describes how to format the USB stick:


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    I a new to embroidering. Have done some with the Bernian 770QEE. I purchased a software program for a wall hanging. I have a non-Bernina USB stick (2gb). I have tried formatting it "FAT" and "EXP". Is there a step by step tutorial on how to do this. I have the files downloaded on my computer. Was successfully in transferring all the files to the USB stick, but only two of the files showed and they were th3e same art photos only different colors. Have spent a lot of time researching on how to and I a obviously missing something. Appreciate assistance. Thank you for your time.

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