Reinstalling DesignWorks

If you have a new computer or had to wipe your old computer due to OS issues, you may have to reinstall your DesignWorks software suite.

Note: This article assumes you already had DesignWorks installed and operating on another computer, and had used the activation codes to update the dongle (security key).

Steps for Reinstalling DesignWorks

  • Restart the computer and allow it to come back up fully
  • Turn off your firewall, Windows Defender, and any antivirus software that is running
  • Download the newest version of DesignWorks (V7571) from our consumer web site:
  • Unzip/extract the downloaded folder
  • Open the folder and right-click on the .exe file, select Run As Administrator.
  • If the installation asks you to enter access codes, bypass this step (the codes are one-time use and have already been activated on your dongle)
  • Once the installation is complete, insert the dongle into a powered port on the computer (not into a hub)
  • Reboot the computer and allow it to come back up fully
  • Open DesignWorks software and enjoy!
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