Embroidery Software and 4K HD Screens

BERNINA Embroidery Software and 4K HD Screens

Please be aware that BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 (as well as earlier versions) are not compatible with the new 4K HD technology being built into laptop screens and monitors. The font size and menus appear very tiny in the Art Canvas side of the software (Corel Essentials X6) as well as the Embroidery Canvas. Some menus may appear partially or not at all. Adjusting the resolution of the monitor does not solve the issue. Please wait to purchase a computer with a 4K screen until BERNINA is able to provide a compatible software version.

The initial release of V8 is also not compatible with 4K HD screens. However a fix is currently being worked on that will be released in the next V8 update (planned for early 2017).

As a reminder, the minimum computer requirements of BERNINA Embroidery software includes a 17" monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768.


With the rise in popularity of tablets such as the Surface Pro, we have received many questions about running BERNINA software on these devices. In general, tablets do not meet the minimum specifications of the software with regard to screen size and other features. While convenient, the real estate of the tablet screen also does not allow enough space to digitize efficiently. An option would be to attach a full size monitor to the tablet for digitizing activities. HD tablet screens display the tool bars and text much too small to be used effectively.

Click HERE for the full V7 Computer Specifications.


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    I was very very unhappy to read this. I bought a SP3 just for this use. When will you update your software to support these types of computers? Does the latest update provide a solution! When did a 17" screen become a requirement of the software. I have an old but much heavier 17" laptop I can use, but it is 6 years old now and hard to lug around. I have used smaller size screens with earlier versions of the software with no problem! With the newer tablets running Windows I would think this will be a big issue soon! Help! I do not want to go buy another PC just because it is 17"!

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    Thanks for information

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