Troubleshooting Direct Connection to Embroidery Machine

Occasionally after Windows updates have been applied, or when upgrading to Windows 10, direct connection to a BERNINA embroidery machine may no longer work. Below we are documenting known solutions to this issue.


Make sure the firmware on the machine is the most currently available. For the most current firmware, visit and search for your machine model.


Go to Windows Start Button, Type in Services. You will see Services app. Select it.
That brings you to Services in Control Panel.

Scroll down until you see Universal Communication Server.
Double click to open.

You should see a window with information.
Halfway down you should see:
Path to executable \Program Files (x86)\BERNINA\UCS\UniversalCommunicationServer.exe"
Below that you should see:
Startup type: Automatic
Service status Running
If "Start" is greyed out below that, Select it.

Make sure that it says STARTED. If it already says started, stop the service then restart it again.

You should connect directly to your machine now.

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