Connecting the aurora model to the computer for embroidery

First you will want to install ArtLink 8 on your computer system, and read the short but informative ArtLink 8 eBook. The links to both of these items appear at the end of this article.

  • Connect the embroidery module to the aurora model (430, 435, 440, 450).
  • Connect the computer to the aurora with the USB cable.
  • Power up the machine/module and computer (if not already on).
  • Make sure the embroidery module icon is showing on the screen of the sewing machine.
  • Unplug the foot control.
  • Drop the feed dogs.
  • Lift the Presser Foot.
  • At the computer, go to the Windows Start button and search for Device Manager, open this. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, you should see an entry for the aurora machine and there shouldn't be any alerts or warning symbols next to it. Close Device Manager.
  • At the computer, go to the Windows Start button and search for Services, then open the Services Control Panel. Scroll down to find Universal Communication Server. Make sure this service is Started, and set to Automatic. You can also stop and restart the service as a precaution.
  • At the computer, open the ArtLink 7 software program
  • File > Open and navigate to and select an embroidery design you want to stitch.
  • Select the Write to Machine icon, then the Needle and 3 dots icon. This will then open EC on PC and you should be on your way.

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