Windows 10 V7 Corel Detected Issue

If for some reason a user must uninstall BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 from their upgraded Windows 10 computer, it is possible that the re-installation of V7 may stop due to the fact that Corel has been detected.

This happens only on computers that began life with a previous version of Windows and have since been upgraded to Windows 10. According to the developer, the issue occurs when there is an underlying “unhealthy” Windows 10 installation. Often the computer was unhealthy prior to Windows 10 being installed.

In a very small number of cases, BERNINA Software Support personnel have been able to cleanly remove the remnants of Corel Essentials X6 (commonly known as the Art Canvas side of the V7 software) and only then can the re-installation of V7 continue normally. This work can only be done through remote connection and by appointment.

Most often the only known guaranteed fix is to take the computer to a local technician (Best Buy Geek Squad for example) and have the computer hard drive wiped and Windows 10 installed from scratch. In this scenario, V7 can be successfully installed and the issue will not occur again.


Regular maintenance on your computer can help avoid many types of issues. This includes running a good quality Anti-virus/Internet Security software program that will routinely scan for viruses and malware. Viruses and malware are a leading cause of our software becoming corrupt or non-functioning.

Periodically perform a Purge Recovery Files (link to article).

If needed Revert to Factory Defaults which brings the software back to the original installation (link to article).

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    Linda Friedrich

    Forgive me, but "This happens only on computers that began life with a previous version of Windows and have since been upgraded to Windows 10," is not true. I just paid for hours of labor to remove Corel from a 3-month old computer that began life with Windows 10. I think it may have been a result of having a HD/touch-screen computer. Nevertheless, it is not always the case that Windows 10 was installed improperly.

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    Lonnie Anderson

    I also have a new computer with version 10 on it. I have version 6 installed on my computer and have tried to install version 8 on it now. I get a comment corelDRAW(x4x5) exists on this system. CorelDRAW(R) Essentials x6 cannot be installed without first removing the incompatible version. So now what. I did have a security software on my computer but I have had to reformat it so now I don't have the software any more. And do I loose the ability to use my BERNINA software if I am having to reinstall it

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