Upgrade Steps V7 EditorPlus to DesignerPlus Level

Here are the steps to upgrade your Editor Plus software to the Designer Plus level:

  • Purchase a unique order code from your local authorized BERNINA Dealer (the code is not available for sale online)
  • Once you have the order code in hand, insert your dongle and open your V7 software
  • Click on Help > Activate Upgrade
  • The top part of the form (Dongle Information) will already be filled out for you
  • Complete the bottom part of the form with Customer Information including: dongle tag number, email address, unique order code, validation code
  • Click Submit
  • Look for your confirmation email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder
  • Once you receive this email from the developer, in your software click on Help > Install Upgrade
  • Please note, you must have an active internet connection to successfully install the upgrade
  • Follow all prompts to complete this process, including rebooting the computer
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