Q-matic Flickering Screen Workaround


******************Issue has been solved in the latest version of Q-matic*********************


When you startup the Q-matic software you will see occasional blinking.

Possible Reason for Issue:

Display driver for the computer has updated, or reverted back to an unsupported version.

Q-matic Flickering Screen Workaround:

The following instructions are intended for anyone who is experiencing the Q-matic Flickering Screen for the first time, and has not taken any steps to correct the issue. If you have already installed Intel(R) HD Graphics Display Driver version 4821 please see "Reactivating Display Driver 4821" listed below.

Reactivating Display Driver 4821:

The following instructions are intended for anyone who has previously installed the Intel(R) HD Graphics Display Driver, but had a Windows Update that changed the driver.
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