Q-matic Tiny Stitches in V1.0.0.45

************Issue has been solved in the latest version of Q-matic************


It has come to our attention that with the latest version of the Q-matic software that some of our customer are experiencing "Tiny Stitches" after pausing the stitch out(maybe to cut threads). 

How the issue manifests itself:
  • In "Sew Options" the "Tie on" feature is deselected
  • User starts to stitch out with correct SPI and no "Tie on"
  • User pauses the stitch out(maybe to cut threads)
  • User restarts the stitch out
  • Machine will continue with "Tiny Stitches" essentially ignoring the SPI selected on the Q20/Q24
The result of this sequence of events you can see in the image below. As you can imagine it can be very difficult, and time consuming to remove each individual stitch.


Option 1: Always Tie on

Always leave "Tie on" selected in the "Sew Options" menu.

Option 2: Tie on not wanted

Select SPI 16(lowest possible) and Length to 1/16" which will result in no visible tie on.
Or turn off "Tie on" in the "pull bobbin" SHI screen(needs to be repeated every time).
This is not possible if "Stop to pull bobbin" has been turned off in "Settings".
BERNINA International is working not only to fix this problem, but also to resolve the Flickering Screen issue with another update to the software. Release date TBD.

Best Regards,
Technical Education Department
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