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Vector Outline Coversion Bug Artista 7 & Work-around

I was excited to find that the latest version of Artista offers direct conversion of vector files from Adobe Illustrator (as well as Corel).

Problem: vector objects converted to embroidery with single run outline always sew as a double (or even triple) run. Property of converted objects reads single run. Changing Entry/Exit points does not correct problem.

Bug affects vector files from both Illustrator & Corel regardless of outline thickness (0-1 points). Manually punched objects with a single run outline applied sew correctly.

Reported bug to software support (& hope bug will be fixed), but wanted to share this workaround:

Select affected embroidery objects & change outline type to something else (blanket for example). Change the outline BACK to single run & the design will sew correctly.

Felicia Lovelett

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