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Wanted Seam Guide for my 800DL Overlocker please.........

I live in Brisbane Australia and have a 800DL Overlocker. I want to buy the Seam Guide attachment but am getting the run around here. I can't get a straight answer from Bernina Queensland. My local Bernina Dealer ordered one in early May, was told it was on back order and would be in mid May. When it didn't come they were then told it could be months because no-one orders them in Australia and they won't order just one in for me. I will be trying Head Office in Sydney tomorrow to see if they can give me some answers. Is there any chance I can buy one from USA and get it sent to me if everything else here fails but it doesn't make sense that Bernina Australia cannot supply me with a simple Seam Guide which is listed on the product description under Helpful Tools. Please help. Thank you. Ann

Ann shellabear

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Hi Ann, the seam guide has been discontinued by Bernina International. We have none here in stock in the US and no more are coming I'm told.

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