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Writing to a 780 from a PC operating Vista and Embroidery software v 7.0R (May 2014?)

When my wife tries to "write" a design to her new 780, using the newly installed V7 embroidery software, the sewing machine displays "fatal error" and reboots. The window on the PC lists ADXv9.07. Using the setup menu on the sewing machine I see V34.05.30 software version, Data version Bernina780_V34.05.30 Bootloader_02.00.12 Emb Application version V01.00.11

She has used a USB stick to save a design and to use the design on the new sewing machine.

i don't know if this is caused by Vista, by the Embroidery Software, or by the machine software. Help!!!

Steve Randol

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Hi Steve,

I assume you are trying to direct connect versus using a USB stick (personally I find the USB stick much easier and less troublesome).

For assistance with this issue please open a Help ticket by visiting this link, then select the Software Support tab:

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