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Problems with V7 using Object Reshape tool

There is a little problem with V7. I have the latest update running on a PC with windows 7 OS.

I was fiddling around with satin stitch outlines and managed to get a triangle drawn with about four lines of straight stitch under it and one on top. How I don’t know because I used Open Object, drew a triangle which came up as a single outline straight stitch. That was my placement line for the pyramid gift bag which I was doing “in the hoop”. I right clicked to get a duplicate and changed that to satin stitch in a different colour as I wanted to cut away the fabric before stitching the satin outline. I am using an 830 for this with the jumbo hoop.

The fabric was placed either side of the stabiliser and off I went. Placement line was fine. When it came to the satin stitch, the machine stitched the underlay straight lines four times in all before going on to stitch the satin stitches. when it had finished stitching the satin stitches, it placed yet another line of straight stitching on top of the satin stitches.

I have fiddled around with this and managed to get it to stop doing that, but have now come up with another problem instead. I also found that the triangle I drew would not move from its spot on the screen. The hoop was in manual placement mode. I could move the nodes of the top of the triangle but they would not stay together. I dragged it a few times, made a video of it and gave up. Then I got an error message and the program closed itself. I opened it up again.
I used the Open Object tool to draw a letter A. The stitches in the horizontal bar of the A shot off across the screen horizontally way beyond the edge of the hoop. I undid what I had done to get rid of them. When I click on the node tool now, there are hundreds of nodes in the shape which only had 5 nodes to start with!

Trying to get one node on top of the other at the right hand side of the horizontal bar across another A caused the stitches to vanish off the screen and a black outline appear in their place. When I moved the node back to it’s original position the stitches came back again. Strange. However, the bottom of the right hand leg of the A now shot off down to the bottom of the hoop ! No error message appeared this time and the program did not close down. However, I can’t draw shapes and get them to stay as I want them. They seem to be taking on a life of their own.

Today I opened the file and drew another A with the Open object tool. It drew it in straight stitches. I selected it and clicked on the Satin button – all that was left on the screen was the black handles around the shape which was no longer on the screen. I clicked on every option at the foot of the screen to try to change the stitch type but nothing appeared again, not even the straight single outline stitch!

I have deleted recovery files reverted to factory settings and uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the program, refusing to load the update I was offered in case the update was the problem. However, the problem is still there, so it must have been there all the time. I have a couple of videos of what is happening if anyone would like to see them.

I asked a couple of friends who also have V7 to try what I had done -(one has the latest update, the other hasn’t.) The one without the latest update managed to get my problem to appear on her screen. The other friend with the update had no problems.

Any ideas what is causing this to happen?


Jan Allston

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