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Moving and upgrading software from 5 to 7

I have been running Bernina Embroidery version 5 software on Windows XP for several years. I now have a new laptop that is running Windows 8.1 and I have purchased the software upgrade 7.0. How to I transfer the software to my new laptop? I did try upgrading the software before I purchased the new computer, but we (the dealer and I) kept getting errors and neither one of us knew what to do. The dealer was in the process of closing her store and after she closed we have to take our Bernina's to Florida or probably Charleston, SC. I know I could do this myself because I used to be in IT, if somebody would just give me a starting point. Thanks, Savannah, GA

Toni Chown Olds

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Should you still have this unresolved - it's terrible that there is no moderator here - you could try and download a free Virtual Machine running XP and simply install it there. I downgraded all of our computers from Windows 8 back to 7's but prior had used the Virtual XP for older software and it works perfectly.

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